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Services outside the weekly pattern

There are services every day, and details may be found here. The week's Sunday pew slip is available here.

Sunday evening services rotate through a variety of styles
1st Sunday - Evensong and Benediction
2nd Sunday - BCP Evening Prayer (said)
3rd Sunday - Songs of Praise, Taizé, Meditation or Celtic Prayer.
4th Sunday - Compline
5th Sunday - Mass (with laying on of hands for healing)
(Please check calendar for precise details)

Lent 2017
After mass each Tuesday evening we will meet at 7.45 in the sacristy to study the days of creation
7th March 'God saw All that He had Made, and it was Very Good' - Evil in Creation
14th March 'God called the Vault 'Heaven'' - Heaven and Earth
21st March 'God settled Man in the Garden to take care of it' - Our Fragile Earth
28th March 'God fashioned the Rib into a Woman' - Questions of Gender
4th April 'He Rested on the Seventh Day' - Spiritual Silence

2 April
6.00 pm 'The Witnesses'
A Devotional Sequence in Words and Music

3 April
St John's School Easter Service School Only 9.30 am

Holy Week
9 April Palm Sunday
Family Exploration 9.30
Palm Procession and Parish Mass 10.45 am

10, 11, 12 April
Holy Week Daily Mass with address 7.00 pm

13 April Maundy Thursday
Mass of the Last Supper& Washing of Feet [followed by 'Watch of the Passion' to Midnight, in the Saint Richard Chapel] 7.30 pm

14 April Good Friday
Family Service (with Hot Cross Buns) 10.00 am
'Way of the Cross' Devotion (one hour) 12 noon
Passion of the Lord and Veneration of the Cross 1.30 pm

15 April Holy Saturday
Easter Garden Building - children and families all welcome - followed by Blessing of Garden 11.00 am
Great Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter 8.00 pm

16 April Easter Day
Said Mass 8.00 am
Family Easter Festival Mass 10.30 am

All Saints Parish Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2HY.
Tel: +44 117 9741355
Email for parish office:
Vicar: Fr Charles Sutton
Tel: +44 117 9078088