The Epiphany Procession and Party 

PHOTO-2019-01-05-17-02-14 3

The Feast of the Epiphany was celebrated this year with a procession through the streets of Clifton.  A procession with llamas dressed as camels, Wise People (not gender specific) dressed as Magi, and a crowd of followers.  Once again we 'took the inside outside' and engaged in many conversations about Epiphany and All Saints with people encountered on the journey.  We briefly rested at Sainsbury's and generally caused many expressions of surprise and interest - with frequent stops for selfies and photographic opportunities.

     By crib

We added to the procession with people who 'just joined in' and came to a short service before the Epiphany Party spread!  interestingly some also came to the Parish Eucharist on the following day!

     Wise Four

Thank you Ollie and Gollie - llamas dressed as camels! Thank you Maggie, Paul and David 'the camel minders'! (Click on Peak Hill Llamas to see their home). Thank you Matthew, Sophie and Jo.....Wise People! Thank you Epiphany Party People for a fabulous spread! We processed through the streets of Clifton, caused many startled pedestrian interactions, proclaimed the Word made flesh, worshipped at the crib and generally celebrated the Epiphany!