The Coronavirus 


Last week we recognised St Patrick's Day, 17 March 2020, and we reminded ourselves of the Old Irish Lorica 'St Patrick's Breastplate'.  This is a prayer of protection which is attributed to him. 

It is a time when we, globally and as a nation, are assaulted by the virus Covid-19; and we too turn to a prayer of protection; for ourselves, our families and friends, our neighbours and community and for all people.

We give thanks for the care of others; health professionals, community carers and neighbours, our families and so many others.  We pray for researchers and scientists, governments and leaders,  and all who work to seek effective responses and solutions to this crisis.

we pray for all whose work and income is in jeopardy, for those who have no work, no home and, often, no hope.

The Response of the Church of England

Currently, decisions and actions are being taken at speed and on the basis of medical advice. This has a significant impact on society and global relationships.  It has an impact of the day-to-day working of the church.

From this time forward (until alternative instruction) the following actions will be introduced:

  • Public worship will stop for a season (this means Sunday worship and festivals)
  • All Saints Church will remain open for private prayer and reflection
  • Daily prayer will continue (morning and evening)
  • Daily Mass will continue as programmed
  • Foodbanks, community support, neighbourly care and support will be constants

For the Archbishops' Letter introducing these actions, please click here