The ASC Team

All Saints is a busy and active church.  To enable it to function it depends upon a great many people carrying out a wide range of roles.  Furthermore, becuase of its busyness in the community and beyond there are many who are involved in quite different aspects of catholic evangelism.  Within church, these are some of the people you are likely to meet on a visit when you visit. 

  Martin-Robinson   Vicky-Gordon
  Martin Robinson       Vicky Gordon
  Church Warden and member of the Choir.   Church Warden and member of the Serving Team.
  John-Davenport   Chris-Verity
  John Davenport   Chris Verity
  Director of Music and the Creative Director for All Saints Arts.  John ensures the high standard of music at ASC in both worship and in the many other musical events that take place here.   Head Server, with many years experience in ensuring liturgy is conducted with 'all due dignity and ceremonial' (as enshrined by our Founders in 1868).
  Wendy-Mortimer   Philippa-Drewett
  Wendy Mortimer   Philippa Drewett
  Wendy is the Office Manager and works to keep the life of a busy and active church functioning with efficiency.  She will probably be your first contact when organising a wedding, baptism or Randall Room booking.    Philippa is a member of the Standing Committee as the Parochial Church Council Secretary and also a member of the Choir.