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Thank you for your financial support.
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We could not fulfil our God-given vision without your generous offering of your time, talents and finance. We encourage all who wish to support us to contribute to the vision and work of this church and the many activities associated with this.

Why give?

  • Our giving sustains this church building, a sacred space dedicated to worship, prayer and witness.
  • Our giving sustains our clergy, here and across the diocese and trains new licensed and ordained ministers.
  • Our giving keeps these doors open each and every day, our work in the community and our support of local and other charities.
  • Our giving enables the pastoral work of visiting the sick and house-bound, comforting the bereaved, leading school assemblies, providing joyful weddings and baptisms, and engaging in evangelsism.
  • Our giving maintains the daily rhythm of the Offices (morning and evening prayer) and a Daily Mass.

Our Giving - makes All Saints a Living, Active Church. 

Please do make a donation now or visit the 'How to Give' page. 

For more information, please get in touch with us on our Contact page.