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During the lockdown this page will be updated with ideas for activities and ways to worship at home.

Sunday 31st May 2020

Pentecost - the gift of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost is often thought of as the birthday of the Church, so why not bake and decorate a cake to celebrate?

Step 1. gather up the following ingredients:
5 Eggs, 10oz of butter or margerine, 10 oz of sugar & 10oz of Self Raising flour

Pentecost 1
Step 2. mix the sugar and butter together

Step 3. add the eggs and mix in, then slowly add the flour mixing as you go until all of the flour is in and the mixture is smooth
Pentecost 2
Step 4. grease your baking tins and divide the mixture equally between them
Pentecost 3
Step 5. Pre heat the oven, temperatures and time will vary depending on your oven.
This cake was baked at 140 degrees centigrade for 35 minutes

Final Step. Once your cake is out of the oven and cooled, you can decorate it, here's an example...
Pentecost 6

Easter at homeClick Here for this week's Church at Home, as well as readings and prayers there are instructions on how to make a simple kit.

Sunday 24th May 2020

Ascension Day explained, Lego Movie style!

lego Ascention

To watch the Ascension Day lego movie click here!

Easter at homeThis week's Church@Home including readings, prayers and activities for the 7th Sunday of Easter.


Sunday 17th May 2020

Turning your daily walk into a prayer walk

Prayer Walk

A prayer walk combines your daily walk with the ancient practices of intersession and pilgrimage.
As you walk around your neighbourhood take time to pray for your community and local environment, you can pray for the households and businesses you pass by. Wherever you walk take time to appreciate the flowers, trees and wildlife you encounter.

Here is a short prayer you may like to take with you on your walk.

'Thank you for everything we are seeing on this walk, and for all the people who live in this street. Help us and everybody to love each other as you love us.'

Easter at home
Here's the link to this week's Church@Home


Sunday 10th May 2020

Looking on the brightside of life

It can be hard to stay positive sometimes and appreciate the good things in our locked-down lives. A Gratitude diary can help you focus on and be thankful for the best parts of your day, here's how to make and use one.

Step 1. Find a note book (altenatively you can use sheets of printer paper folded in half to create a book).
Step 2. Collect up pictures, stickers, wrapping paper or photos. These are to decorate your diary in whatever way appeals to you.

Gratitude diary decorations

Step 3. Decorate your diary, here are a couple of examples.
Children's Gratitude diary
Gratitute Diary Rabbit

Step 4. How to use your diary
Make some space in everyday (just before bed is a good time) to write 5 positive things that have happened during the day. Even the tiniest things count. Maybe pick a favourite and make a note of how you feel. If you are having a really tough day try looking back at better days in your diary for encouragement.

Easter at homeHere's the link to this week's Church@Home

Sunday 3rd May 2020

How to make a prayer paperchain...

Step 1. You will need some paper, scissors, pens and some sticky tape or glue.
Step 2. Think of some situations, people or events you would like to include in your prayers.
Step 3. Write each prayer topic on to strips of paper.

Here are some examples to get you started:
PPC News stories

PPC intersessions
PPC Lord's Prayer
Step 4. Stick the first strip of paper into a loop, add the remaining strips one at a time to form a chain.
PPC complete

You are now ready to start using your prayer paperchain. You can use it on your own or with your family, whenever and however you like.
Toptips you can keep adding new links to the chain and you can use any type of paper, so check out what's in your recycling box.

 Easter at homeLast but not least, here's the link to this week's Church@Home


Sunday 25th April 2020

Getting fed up with being stuck at home? It's time to make a den!

Here are a few den ideas to get you started.

Bunkbed den

Outdoor den

Indoor den 1

Once you've built your den you can use it in lots of different ways, hiding from annoying parents and siblings is a favourite but it's also a great spot to say your prayers and read your bible or just relax and take a break.

Easter at homeHere's the link to this week's Church@Home, this week it includes prayer ideas and discussion starters as well as a link to a retelling of this week's Gospel reading

Sunday 19th April 2020

Remember to water your Easter Garden and try using it as the focal point for family or bedtime prayers.

Easter at homeHere's the link to this week's Church@Home, this week it includes prayer ideas and discussion starters as well as a link to a retelling of the Gospel.

Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!


20200412 070019

Celebrating Easter at Home

 This link will give you everything you need to celebrate Easter Sunday at home.

For an engaging cartoon retelling of today's gospel try from Saddleback Kids.


Getting ready for Easter...


Making an Easter Garden

Step 1 - Gather together items on the kit
list lower down this page.   
20200410 124806

Step 2 - Put the 3 crosses and tomb in place.
Earth covered in moss has been used here.

20200410 125050

Step 3 - Add greenery and flowers to
your garden, maybe add a path.

20200410 130925

Step 4 - put a tea light next to the tomb,
this can be moved into the emty tomb on Easter Day.
Top Tip! Make sure there is space to roll the stone to one side
to reveal the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Last but not least, bless your garden!

20200410 180334

Light the candle, if you have an incense burner, light that too!

Words of blessing: Almighty God, we ask you to bless our Easter Garden,
that it might be a reminder to us of our Saviour's victory,
the victory of love over hate, of life over death, that, as we celebrate this
happy day together, we may be reminded of the risen and loving presence
of the Good Shepherd of our souls. Amen


Your Easter Garden Kit List    

  • A flower pot or similar to use as a tomb            
  • A stone or circle of card to block the tomb entrance
  • 3 crosses (sticks or palm crosses work well)
  • Flowers and greenery to decorate your garden
  • A tea light
Easter Garden Kit List 2020