Worship with Young People 

Sunday 6th June

Trinity 1

Festival of nature
This year's festival is on line but the website is packed with ideas and inspiration for making real world changes.
Click here to go to the Actions Hub where there really does seem to be something for everyone!

Sunday 30th May

Trinity Sunday

Click here to watch a cartoon retelling and explanation of today's Gospel reading.

Sunday 23rd May


Today's New Testament reading is from the Acts of the Apostles chapter 2 verses 2.1-21.
This week's family activity can be done with any passage from the Bible but I've tried it out with the reading we've heard or read over the last few weeks.

For this activity you will need: stones/pebbles, paint, a pen and your bible.
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Step 1:
read a passage from the bible, reflect on it and discuss what it means with your family
Step 2: what image does the passage create or is there a word or phase that particularly strikes you?
Step 3: Paint the image or phrase on a stone, once it's dry write the details of the book, chapter and verse on the other side of the stone.
20210522 11133220210522 111251
Step 4: Put your stones somewhere you pass regularly. Hopefully, these stones will act as a reminder of the bible passage and a prompt to turn the stone over every now and then and revisit that part of the Bible. 
20210522 110840

Sunday 16th May

Ascension to Pentecost - The Great Novena

The word novena means “nine” and is used to describe nine days of private or public devotion or focused and persistent prayer for a specific cause, usually as a form of petition or intercession but also as a prayer of thanksgiving for blessings received, devotion to a particular saint or feast day, as a period of mourning a loss, or anticipating a significant event. The nine days of a novena come from the time that the Apostles and Mary waited in prayer between the Ascension of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. This was the period of time in which the Church prepared to go forth into the world to carry out Christ’s mission. These nine days, in essence, constituted the very first novena.
20210515 08235820210515 08235820210515 082358

Novena Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus,

before ascending into heaven, You promised to send the Holy Spirit to Your apostles and disciples. Grant that the same Spirit may perfect in our lives the work of Your grace and love. Grant us the Spirit of Fear of the Lord that we may be filled with a loving reverence toward You; the Spirit of Piety that we may find peace and fulfilment in the service of God while serving others; the Spirit of Fortitude that we may bear our cross with You and, with courage, overcome the obstacles that interfere with our salvation; the Spirit of Knowledge that we may know You and know ourselves and grow in holiness; the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten our minds with the light of Your truth; the Spirit of Counsel that we may choose the surest way of doing Your will, seeking first the Kingdom; Grant us the Spirit of Wisdom that we may aspire to the things that last forever; Teach us to be Your faithful disciples and animate us in every way with Your Spirit.


Sunday 9th May

6th Sunday of Easter

For today's activity you need some blocks and your bible. Got them? Great, now click here for a great way to think about John's Gospel and what John is telling us. This one really is for any and all ages, I tried it with large blocks and ran into gravity/engineering issues pretty quickly so you might want to use smaller blocks!

20210508 121253

Sunday 25th April

4th Sunday of Easter 

Today's Gospel reading is taken from John's  Gospel chapter 10 verses 10.11-18, click here for a lovely cartoon retelling.

Sunday 4th April

3rd Sunday of Easter

This week's activity is all about taking time to look at the world around us and to reflect on the gift of creation.
To make this view finder all you need is a piece of paper, colouring pencil's and scissors. 
20210418 122338
Cut a shape into the paper, this will help you concentrate on a small part of God's creation. Decorate the paper and maybe include a prayer or Bible verse that you want to mull over. Now it's time to take your viewer out and about. You don't need to go far, I just went for an amble around the garden, here are some of the things I saw.


Sunday 11th April

2nd Sunday of Easter

Today's Gospel reading is taken from John's Gospel chapter 20 verses 19-31, click here to watch Saddleback Kids cartoon retelling. 

Easter Sunday 4th April

Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

open tomb 2021

Holy Week 2021

Through our worship during Holy Week we travel the way of the Cross, that we may experience in and for ourselves Christ’s death and resurrection, the victory of love over hate, of life over death, of light over darkness, of hope over despair. 

Holy Saturday/Easter Eve 3rd April

Easter Garden 2021.jpg

Special action: the ‘Vigil’ (readings from the Old Testament)
In memory of:   the journey of faith of the ancient people of God over many centuries.
Meaning for us:  Christ fulfils the deepest longings not only of the people of the Old Testament, but also of all humankind.  ‘O God, our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.’
2nd special action: renewal of our Baptism vows, as a way of reaffirming our Christian faith.
3rd special action: the lighting of the Easter fire and candle, and the singing of the Exultet (Rejoice!)
In memory of:  the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
Meaning for us:   Joy, glory, meaning and purpose for our lives as we journey towards Perfect Love, experiencing resurrection, new life, for ourselves.


Good Friday 2nd April

via della rosa

As on Palm Sunday there is the reading of a full account of the passion from one of the Gospels
Special action: proclamation of the Cross (A Cross is carried through the church and then all are invited forward to express our devotion by bowing to or kissing the Cross)
In memory of:   the crucifixion
Meaning for us:  as we see the Cross, and meditate on it, we are looking at God-with-us, God taking on to himself all human wickedness and forgiving it, loving us all beyond all our imagining.

Thursday 1st April

Maundy Thursday

foot washing
Maundy Thursday, celebrating The Last Supper  (Maundy comes from an old word for ‘commandment,’ reminding us of Christ’s command to ‘love one another as I have loved you.’)

Special action:   washing of feet
In memory of:   Christ washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper
Meaning for us:   Christ comes to serve us, to reveal God’s love for us

2nd special action: the stripping of the sanctuary, the removal of all decoration
In memory of:   the nakedness of Christ on the Cross
Meaning for us:  On the Cross God is giving Himself to us, sharing his life with us

3rd special action: The ‘Watch’ in front of the sacrament
In memory of:   Jesus and his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane before his arrest
Meaning for us:   the call to us to follow Christ in our lives


Monday 29th - Wednesday 31st March

Daily Masses to help us meditate further on the Passion of Christ.


Sunday 28th March

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Special action:   the blessing of palms and procession
In memory of:   Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey  
Meaning for us:   Christ is not a worldly ruler, but our Servant King  
2nd special action: the reading of the whole of one of the accounts of Christ’s passion from the Gospels
In memory of:   the suffering (passion) of Christ
Meaning for us:   Christ suffers with us and for us

Sunday 21st March

5th Sunday in Lent

Spring approaches! What you’ve seen in bloom lately? In the gardens now there are snowdrops, hellebores, crocuses and camellias.
Did you know that another name for snowdrops is Candlemas bells? They often flower even before winter’s over so have the name as they’re in flower on February 2nd when we Christians celebrate Candlemas, six weeks after Christmas. It’s the time we recall the baby Jesus’s parents presenting him in the temple in Jerusalem (Luke 2:22-40).
SnowdropsSnowdrops aka Candlemas bells
Centuries ago flowers were often named after the time in the Church’s year when they flower. (We’ve looked previously at St John’s Wort and Assumption Lilies, for example). Here’s another one for this time of year :
Heleborus Lenten RoseHellebore aka Lenten Rose

This type of hellebore is sometimes called a Lenten Rose. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (17th February this year) and recalls the time (40 days) Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness before he was baptised and began his public ministry. It’s a time for growing closer to God and deepening our faith through extra prayer and study. At the end of Lent comes Easter Day, this year Sunday 4th April.
Do you know how the date of Easter is calculated?
It’s all to do with the moon! The first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox (21st March), linking it to the Jewish Passover, the time at which Jesus died. The Passover moon this year will be on 28th March. Put a reminder on the calendar and look out for it if there’s a clear night sky! Happy Lent!

Sunday 14th March

4th Sunday in Lent - Mothering Sunday

Georgiana Davison (a member of our family service congregation) has made THIS great video showing us how to make a traditional Simnel cake, a classic Mothering Sunday bake!
Simnal Cake


Sunday 7th March

3rd Sunday in Lent

Jesus drives the money-changers from the Temple
Lent 3

The story
Jesus went to Jerusalem to worship God in the Temple. All Jews were expected to do this if they were able to, for the special celebration of Passover . The Temple was an enormous, impressive complex of buildings, high on a hill, which had taken 46 years to build.
When he got to the Temple, Jesus was angry to find that some people were taking advantage of the Jewish laws which said people must use special money to buy their offerings in the Temple. This meant they had to change their normal money, like when you go abroad and need to get local currency. Jesus saw that some people were cheating their customers and he was furious. He overturned the tables of the money changers and opened the pens and baskets of the birds and cattle to let them go free.
He said to the surprised people who saw this, ‘Stop making my Father’s house a market place!’
More information
 You can see several versions of this story on YouTube, just type in. ‘Jesus cleansing the Temple’. There are also videos which show you what the Temple looked like before it was later destroyed.
There is a dramatic picture you might like to download and colour in here

What has this story got to do with us?
Jesus was angry because he felt people should be honest in their dealings with others and that taking advantage of people who need what you have to offer is wrong.
 We are in the middle of Fair Trade fortnight. The Fairtrade movement works to bring justice to small farmers and manufacturers so they get a fair price for their goods and are able to improve their families’ lives through their skills and hard work. To find out more, go to schools.fairtrade.org.uk . You are invited to share your vision of the world you want,  as artwork, film or poem.

We hope you enjoy finding out about how you can help make the world a fairer place, one banana at a time.


Sunday 28th February

2nd Sunday in Lent

Saint David (known as Dewi Sant in the Welsh language) is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk who lived in the 6th Century and was Archbishop of Wales. His influence is shown by the number of churches dedicated to him in Wales. St David died on 1st March, now St David’s Day, and was buried at the site of St David’s Cathedral in what is now the city of St David’s.
Legend says his mother, St Non, gave birth to him on a Pembrokeshire cliff top during a violent storm. David became a famous preacher and founded many churches and religious communities. St David and his monks followed a simple, austere life. His monastic code made few allowances for creature comforts, stating that monks should pull the plough themselves without the use of animals, should only eat bread with salt and herbs and should spend their evenings in prayer, reading and writing.  
According to tradition his last words to his followers were: ‘Be joyful, keep your faith and your creed, and do the little things in life.’ (Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd).  The most impactful things that we do often come from what might be seen as insignificant or small.

Sunday 20th February

1st Sunday in Lent

Jesus gathers disciples.  Philip and Nathanael 
When something good happens we naturally want to tell other people and share our joy. Philip  was excited about being called to follow Jesus and went to tell his friend Nathanael.  Nathanael wasn’t  as excited as Philip, but he did  agree to go and meet Jesus. When Jesus and Nathanael met, Jesus said some things that helped Nathanael know that Jesus really understood him. Philip had shared his good news  and now Nathanael shared his faith in Jesus. For more details of this meeting go to John's Gospel in your Bible, chapter 1 verse 43-51.

Sunday 14th February

Sunday before Lent

Wednesday 17th February is Ash Wednesday and marks the first day of Lent. 
At All Saints there will be a 10am service including 'Covid secure' ashing. If you can’t come to the service, packs of blessed ashes will be available in church for the rest of the day so you can pop in and pick up a pack for your family to use at home.

Live Lent Pic
Here is the link to the Church of England's Live Lent daily reflections for families, including daily bible readings and activities.

Sunday 30th January


Covid Prayer 2021

Today's Gospel reading is from Luke chapter 2 verses 22-40, here is a cartoon retelling.

Sunday 24th January

3rd Sunday of Epiphany

Today's Gospel reading is from John's Gospel chapter 2 verses 1-11.

Candlemas is coming up on 2nd February, try making a stained glass window to mark the occasion, here's how:

Step 1: Collect together tissue paper or coloured sweet wrappers, a piece of card, scissors and sticky tape.
20210116 143816
Step 2: Decide on a design for your window and draw it onto a piece of card.
20210123 120101
Step 3: cut out the parts of your design where you want light and colour to shine through.

Step 4: cover the spaces in your design with tissue paper or sweet wrappers. Make sure to stick the wrappers/paper down firmly.
20210123 121922
Step 5: find a spot in your home that catches the light and install your stained glass window.

20210123 122051

Sunday 17th January

2nd Sunday of Epiphany

Click here for a cartoon of today's Gospel reading, John chapter 1 verses 43-51

Sunday 10th January

Baptism of Christ

The Gospel reading for today is from Mark's Gospel, chapter 1 verses 4-11, cartoon fans click here for a great retelling from Saddleback Kids.

Sunday 3rd January

The Epiphany (the arrival of the Magi /wise men)

20210102 151244
To read St Matthew's account of the Wise Men's visit to Jesus, turn to chapter 2 verses 1-12 of Matthew's Gospel in your Bible. Click here for a cartoon retelling.

Sunday 27th December

The Feast of John the Evangelist

Today is the Feast of John the Evangelist, to find out more about who John was Click here, and to see a useful guide to his Gospel look here.

Friday 25th December

Christmas Day

AG 2

To find out more about the birth of Jesus, open your Bible at chapter 2 of Luke's Gospel.
For a Lego retelling of the nativity click here.
And finally, if you've not been able to get to a carol service this year, fear not! Bristolians from school children to Bishop Viv have made THIS uplifting collection of Carols and readings for us all to share. See if you can spot Fr Charles! 

Sunday 20th December

Advent 4

Today's Gospel reading is from Luke's Gospel, Chapter 1 verses 26-38.

Here are two activities to try during the last days of Advent...

Sunday 6th December

Advent 2

Today's Gospel reading is taken from Mark Chapter 1, verse 1-8. Here is a video of this reading.
The family who made this video, draw a picture of what they hear in the reading and colour it in. The whole family is involved, maybe try this with your family?
If drawing isn't your thing, maybe use your toys to act out the reading?
Lego John the baptist
This is a Lego astronaut playing the part of John the Baptist in the wilderness!

Sunday 29th November

Advent 1

Today is the first Sunday in Advent, for a reminder of what Advent is all about watch this video. The soundtrack is a bit of an ear-worm so make sure you have the volume turned up!

If you would like tips on making an Advent wreath using bits and pieces from around the house, head to our facebook page where there is a short video.

Sunday 22nd November

Feast of Christ the King

The Sisters of the Church Christmas Appeal 2020
Note: the Nuns pictured are not the Sisters of the Church but that is Father Christmas!

The Sisters are based in St Paul's and provide much needed support including food parcels and other essentials, to families and individuals in need.

Here is a message from the Sisters:

We support four times more men than women, so gifts for men are a real priority.
Donations of gloves, warm scarves, hats, socks and especially toiletry sets are needed.
We also need donations of women’s gloves, warm scarves and hats, socks, and individual toiletries.
We are also collecting money to buy Argos vouchers for children. Our aim is to give a £15 Argos voucher to each child in a family that we know is in need.
Please leave your gifts in the Church by Monday 7th December if possible. This is early in the month, but it gives us time to top up any items, pack and hand out gifts. Thank you

Sunday 15th November

2nd Sunday before Advent

Today's Gospel reading is Matthew 25:14-30, here is a Lego retelling. What talents has God given you? Could you use them more and to greater benefit? 

Sunday 8th November

Remembrance Sunday

Today's Gospel Reading is from John's Gospel 15: 9-17.
"As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love. I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. I do not call you servants[d] any longer, because the servant[e] does not know what the master is doing; but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father. You did not choose me but I chose you. And I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask him in my name. I am giving you these commands so that you may love one another."

Sunday 1st November

All Saints Day

This is always a big celebration for us, with a procession, banners, Sampson (our largest thurible) billowing incense, the choir & congregation singing 'For All the Saints' at the tops of our voices...the atmosphere is something very special. We all know that this year is different so here is a DIY kit for celebrating All Saint's Day at home.

Step 1 - Use a tablet,phone or laptop to watch this. It has today's psalm & readings wrapped up in a nice animation.

Step 2 - Stoke up your favourite thurible (if you don't have one there's time to amend your Christmas list!).
Step 3 - Hit play on a recording of For all the Saints.
Step 4 - Start a procession around your house celebrating the amazing Saints of the past, present and future.

Happy All Saints Day!

Sunday 25th October

Bible Sunday

20201024 180827 (1)

Reading the Bible can be a daunting prospect but don't worry The Bible Society have some great ideas and resources to help us. Click here to get to their website.
The Methodist Church have produced this rather nice video with a chap named Bob, showing him trying different ways of reading the Bible. The suggestion here is to start with Mark's Gospel rather trying to read cover to cover, why not give it a try and see how you get on? Click here to meet Bob.

Sunday 18th October

The Feast Day of St Luke

St Luke is understood to be the author of Luke's Gospel and The Acts of the Apostles, you will find these books in the New Testament section of your Bible. Click here to find out more about St Luke, the patron saint of artists, physicians (doctors), bachelors, surgeons, students and butchers.

Sunday 11th October

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

Click here for a cartoon retelling of this bible reading, including useful insights into it's meaning.
To find this reading in your Bible go to Matthew's Gospel Chapter 22 verse 1-14.

Sunday 27th September

The Parable of the two Sons

Today's Gospel reading is from Matthew Chapter 21 verses 28-32. Click here for the cartoon version.

If you are looking for ways to develop good prayer habits, take a look at the Resources for Families page for some ideas.

Sunday 20th September

Celebration of a Baptism

During today's service a Baptism will be taking place. This is always a special event and the whole congregation play a part in welcoming a new member of God's family.
Click here for a great cartoon retelling of Jesus's own Baptism.

Sunday 6th September

Socially distanced picnic next Sunday!

Following the 10am service (approx 11am) everyone is invited out into the Church Garden for a picnic. To do this safely we each need to bring our own drinks, snacks and picnic rugs and stay the familiar 2m apart. Everyone is welcome, it will be a great opportunity to catch up or say hello to those you've not met before.

Please note: if it's raining the picnic will not go ahead.

Sunday 16th August

The Feast of the Assumption is celebrated on 15th August. This is when we remember Mary’s falling asleep, or being taken into heaven.

There are several flowers either named after Our Lady, or associated with her. Our Lady is another name for the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In some holy places there are gardens filled just with flowers and plants that bring her to mind!
Paintings of the Annunciation (when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her she would bring God’s Son to birth) most often show a lily, sometimes called the Madonna lily, as a symbol of her purity.
Many paintings show Our Lady in a rose bower, because of the beauty and fragrance of roses. Writers have described her as a Spotless Rose, a Rose Without a Thorn, the Mystical Rose, all to show how special she is.
There are flowers named Lady’s Smock, Lady’s Mantle, Lady’s Slipper, and many more besides – all named after Our Lady. And did you know that ‘marigold’ comes from Mary’s gold? She is everywhere to be found among beautiful flowering plants!
In the month of August, on 15th, we remember Mary’s falling asleep, or being taken into heaven, often called the Assumption. There is a lily which blooms around this time named Hosta, but also called the Assumption lily.
Here’s a picture so you can see if you can identify one this month.


Sunday 2nd August

The feeding of the 5000

Click here for a cartoon retelling of one of Jesus's most well known miracles. Go to Matthew's Gospel chapter 14 verse 22-33 in your Bible.

The Sisters of the Church provide food parcels for the hungry, at the moment they need the following tinned foodstuffs:
  • Hot Dogs
  • Stewed Meat
  • Corned Beef
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Fruit
  • Rice pudding
  • Custard
If you can help, please drop your tins off at All Saints, the Church is open every day.

Sunday 26th July

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

Today's Gospel reading is Matthew chapter 13 verses 31-33 & 44-52.
Click here for a VERY catchy song about this parable.


Sunday 12th July


Confession is a Sacrament and part of most of our acts of worship. This is a point where we say sorry for failing to live up to the example Jesus has set for us. God already knows where we’ve fallen short so this is more about being honest with ourselves and thinking about how we might do better in the future.

Vicar confession

Step 1 - collect a few stones & a bowl of water

Confession stones 1

Step 2 - find a quiet spot, pick the stones up one by one. As you hold the stone, take a moment to reflect on something that could have gone better, maybe a time when you could have been kinder or could have helped someone and didn't.

Step 3 - As you place each stone in the water let go of past mistakes as the water washes the stone clean and focus on what changes you want to make.

To bring your confession to an end, you can simply say 'Amen', alternatively you could try 'Lord, have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord, have mercy.'

This week's Gospel reading is from Matthew chapter 13 verse 1-9
Click here for a cartoon retelling of this story.

Top Tip: Next time you're at the seaside, try using pebbles and the waves

Sunday 5th July

Dedication Sunday

Our celebrations will be a bit different this year, the BBQ, bouncy castle and choc ices have been replaced by risk assessments, socially distanced pews and hand sanitiser but for the first time since March we will be able to come together in a shared act of worship.
This Sunday we are able to have our first service in church since the lockdown. There will be one service, Parish Mass at 10am. Fr Charles and our Church Wardens have worked hard to ensure that All Saint’s is a safe place to be (have a look at the newsletter for more details).

Today's Gospel Reading is Matthew 21.12-16
Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who were selling and buying in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold doves. He said to them, ‘It is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”; but you are making it a den of robbers.’ The blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he cured them. But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the amazing things that he did, and heard the children crying out in the temple, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David,’ they became angry and said to him, ‘Do you hear what these are saying?’ Jesus said to them, ‘Yes; have you never read, “Out of the mouths of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise for yourself”?

Sunday 27th June 2020

Meet St John the Baptist!

Lego John the baptist

June 24th, midsummer day, is when the Church remembers the birth of St John the Baptist. You can read the story of this at the beginning of Luke’s gospel. John the Baptist’s mother, Elizabeth, and Jesus’s mother, Mary, were related. Luke tells us that Mary went, after the angel Gabriel had visited her, to visit ELizabeth, who was already six months pregnant. That’s why John’s birth is celebrated exactly six months before Jesus’s. 
There’s a shrub named hypericum which flowers in this country around the time of St John the Baptist’s birthday.St John's Wort
Not only is it a lovely bright yellow colour, it’s also used for healing. It’s common name is St John’s Wort. No doubt you can guess why. There are more plants named after saints or seasons which we can point out as the year goes on.



Sunday 21st June 2020
refugee week

Refugee week is coming to an end but you can still get involved!

Simple Acts are everyday actions we can all do to stand with refugees and make new connections in our communities. Click here for ideas on how you and your family can take part.

This Week's Gospel reading is Matthew chapter 10 verses 24-39


Sunday 14th June 2020




Sunday 7th June 2020

Trinity Sunday

The Holy Trinity is  tricky to understand, here are two short videos to help.

Click here for clip one... What is the Trinity?
Click here for clip two... What's in the Bible?
Trinity bible reading

Sunday 31st May 2020

Pentecost - the gift of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost is often thought of as the birthday of the Church, so why not bake and decorate a cake to celebrate?

Step 1. gather up the following ingredients:
5 Eggs, 10oz of butter or margerine, 10 oz of sugar & 10oz of Self Raising flour

Pentecost 1
Step 2. mix the sugar and butter together

Step 3. add the eggs and mix in, then slowly add the flour mixing as you go until all of the flour is in and the mixture is smooth
Pentecost 2
Step 4. grease your baking tins and divide the mixture equally between them
Pentecost 3
Step 5. Pre heat the oven, temperatures and time will vary depending on your oven.
This cake was baked at 140 degrees centigrade for 35 minutes

Final Step. Once your cake is out of the oven and cooled, you can decorate it, here's an example...
Pentecost 6

Easter at homeClick Here for this week's Church at Home, as well as readings and prayers there are instructions on how to make a simple kit.

Sunday 24th May 2020

Ascension Day explained, Lego Movie style!

lego Ascention

To watch the Ascension Day lego movie click here!

Easter at homeThis week's Church@Home including readings, prayers and activities for the 7th Sunday of Easter.


Sunday 17th May 2020

Turning your daily walk into a prayer walk

Prayer Walk

A prayer walk combines your daily walk with the ancient practices of intersession and pilgrimage.
As you walk around your neighbourhood take time to pray for your community and local environment, you can pray for the households and businesses you pass by. Wherever you walk take time to appreciate the flowers, trees and wildlife you encounter.

Here is a short prayer you may like to take with you on your walk.

'Thank you for everything we are seeing on this walk, and for all the people who live in this street. Help us and everybody to love each other as you love us.'

Easter at home
Here's the link to this week's Church@Home https://cofebristol.contentfiles.net/media/assets/file/Church_at_Home_17.5.2020.pdf


Sunday 10th May 2020

Looking on the brightside of life

It can be hard to stay positive sometimes and appreciate the good things in our locked-down lives. A Gratitude diary can help you focus on and be thankful for the best parts of your day, here's how to make and use one.

Step 1. Find a note book (altenatively you can use sheets of printer paper folded in half to create a book).
Step 2. Collect up pictures, stickers, wrapping paper or photos. These are to decorate your diary in whatever way appeals to you.

Gratitude diary decorations

Step 3. Decorate your diary, here are a couple of examples.
Children's Gratitude diary
Gratitute Diary Rabbit

Step 4. How to use your diary
Make some space in everyday (just before bed is a good time) to write 5 positive things that have happened during the day. Even the tiniest things count. Maybe pick a favourite and make a note of how you feel. If you are having a really tough day try looking back at better days in your diary for encouragement.

Easter at homeHere's the link to this week's Church@Home https://cofebristol.contentfiles.net/media/assets/file/Church_at_Home_10.5.2020.pdf

Sunday 3rd May 2020

How to make a prayer paperchain...

Step 1. You will need some paper, scissors, pens and some sticky tape or glue.
Step 2. Think of some situations, people or events you would like to include in your prayers.
Step 3. Write each prayer topic on to strips of paper.

Here are some examples to get you started:
PPC News stories

PPC intersessions
PPC Lord's Prayer
Step 4. Stick the first strip of paper into a loop, add the remaining strips one at a time to form a chain.
PPC complete

You are now ready to start using your prayer paperchain. You can use it on your own or with your family, whenever and however you like.
Toptips you can keep adding new links to the chain and you can use any type of paper, so check out what's in your recycling box.

 Easter at homeLast but not least, here's the link to this week's Church@Home https://cofebristol.contentfiles.net/media/assets/file/Church_at_Home_3.5.2020.pdf


Sunday 25th April 2020

Getting fed up with being stuck at home? It's time to make a den!

Here are a few den ideas to get you started.

Bunkbed den

Outdoor den

Indoor den 1

Once you've built your den you can use it in lots of different ways, hiding from annoying parents and siblings is a favourite but it's also a great spot to say your prayers and read your bible or just relax and take a break.

Easter at homeHere's the link to this week's Church@Home, this week it includes prayer ideas and discussion starters as well as a link to a retelling of this week's Gospel reading https://cofebristol.contentfiles.net/media/assets/file/Church_at_Home_26.4.2020.pdf

Sunday 19th April 2020

Remember to water your Easter Garden and try using it as the focal point for family or bedtime prayers.

Easter at homeHere's the link to this week's Church@Home, this week it includes prayer ideas and discussion starters as well as a link to a retelling of the Gospel.


Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!


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Celebrating Easter at Home

 This link will give you everything you need to celebrate Easter Sunday at home.

For an engaging cartoon retelling of today's gospel try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL8R158Ujp4 from Saddleback Kids.


Getting ready for Easter...


Making an Easter Garden

Step 1 - Gather together items on the kit
list lower down this page.   
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Step 2 - Put the 3 crosses and tomb in place.
Earth covered in moss has been used here.

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Step 3 - Add greenery and flowers to
your garden, maybe add a path.

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Step 4 - put a tea light next to the tomb,
this can be moved into the emty tomb on Easter Day.
Top Tip! Make sure there is space to roll the stone to one side
to reveal the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Last but not least, bless your garden!

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Light the candle, if you have an incense burner, light that too!

Words of blessing: Almighty God, we ask you to bless our Easter Garden,
that it might be a reminder to us of our Saviour's victory,
the victory of love over hate, of life over death, that, as we celebrate this
happy day together, we may be reminded of the risen and loving presence
of the Good Shepherd of our souls. Amen


Your Easter Garden Kit List    

  • A flower pot or similar to use as a tomb            
  • A stone or circle of card to block the tomb entrance
  • 3 crosses (sticks or palm crosses work well)
  • Flowers and greenery to decorate your garden
  • A tea light
Easter Garden Kit List 2020